Sauntering Sydney: Walks, Weisswurst and Wonderment

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My trusty Tripadvisor top ten things to do recommended walking, and I have to say Sydney is a very walkable city. I should know, in the past three days I’ve covered >50 kilometres of it.

Day Two and Three in Sydney have worn my feet out. My trusty bright maroon trainers have walked the walks and lived to tell the tale.

We started off on Sunday, with the beautiful Coastal Walkway between Bondi Beach and Coogee (for more info check Bondi Beach is easily accesible from central Sydney, either connecting through Bondi Junction or travelling directly to North Bondi (for bus/public transport information: . As we came over the hill on the bus, you could not help but be amazed by the gorgeous azure blue waves crashing against the sand. A surfers paradise, Bondi Beach is the happening place for beach bums, babes, and boarders. Once there we decided to start our costal walk, however there were no signs…problem? I don’t think so! We walked down Bondi Beach to the top of the cliff overlooking it and further beyond (See photo). Then we decided to continue our walk up the hill, thinking this must be the coastal track. WE WERE WRONG! We discovered this by looking at a bus timetable, we were in North Bondi, whoops  So back down the beach we went, admiring the cute puppies, and avoiding joggers and small uncontrolled children.

Overlooking Bondi from the Walkway
At the top of Bondi Beach
Craig at Bondi

We walked all the way back to where the bus had dropped us off and then saw a large group of straggling people walking over the top of the cliff, the opposite way to where we had gone the first time. We decided to follow and low and behold there we were on this magnificent walkway.The walkway itself is beautifully maintained and is an easy 1.5 hour walk. There are several hills but nothing compared to Howe Street in Auckland CBD. I would thoroughly recommend the walk, the coastline reminded me of a cross between San Francisco’s Ocean Beach and the Cinque Terre Walkway connecting Levanto and Riomaggiore (

Manly 3
The Spit

On Monday morning, I left Craig typing his fingers off on his computer and set out on a 17km hike between Circular Quay and Manly Beach. The highlight of this was the walk along the Harbour Bridge; having started early in the morning I was treated to views of the early morning sun glinting off the Opera House, boats making white clouds in the water and the lush green landscapes of the Botanic Gardens. Once I left the Harbour Bridge walkway however things got more complicated. The walkways are advertised on this website (, with a small and very hard to follow map. This combined with no signposting made this walk, complicated to say the least. It seemed to be designed for Sydney-ins rather than tourists, despite this armed with my Samsung S2 I navigated my way through the walk.

Manly 2
Arriving at Manly, finally!
I remember looking at the hike online and thinking, hmmm 17km, that’s not that far. But when you are walking up steep hills in the hot sun, with only a vague idea of where you are going and having just passed the last place to buy a bottle of water for the next two kilometres, IT IS A LOOOONNNNGGGG WAY!
Manly Beach
Manly Beach

The views made up for it, I took the faster route along the main roads, but if you did the 8 hour version you would be treated to Coastal views overlooking the Eastern beaches of Sydney Harbour. I got my glimpses from the top of the Hill and at the Spit Bridge. I have to say I was very grateful when I glimpsed Manly Beach, I arrived there after three and a half hours and promptly collapsed in a cafe on the waterfront. Craig had taken the ferry across earlier and was enjoying working with a stunning view of Manly Beach.

I recovered promptly after eating a delicious Roast Pumpkin, Feta, and Pine nut pizza at Sugar Lounge Cafe and Bar, Manly ( A quick stroll along the beach and I returned on the ferry to Circular Quay. A fun but tiring walk, that would be better as a group project rather than an individual assignment.

Trying the Escargots
Escargots 1
Escargots a la Francais

As it was our anniversary, we decided to head into Surrey Hills for dinner. We’d visited the previous evening with our friend Jayde and eaten amazing gelato at Missina ( rated 99% approved by Urban Spoon. We decided to give the White Horse Hotel a go – a $12 Steak special enticed us in. Escargots were on the menu, the culinary explorers we are, we decided to try them. Result = WIN! They were delicious, the service was less so. Go, if you have time and want to be left well alone.

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