Some things never change

After a long flight (10.5 hours), we arrived home in Auckland, New Zealand, to a chilly 11°.

A cold winter morning

A cold winter morning

Zombie-like we walked off the plane to be greeted by the familiar sound of tuis and bellbirds chirping.

It was good to be home, but as we drove along the familiar road from the airport to our home, everything looked the same.

That’s the funny thing about travelling, you go on an amazing adventure, fill your time seeing new and different sites. Then you return, and everything feels the same.

I guess what changes is, you.


Travel opens the mind, senses and encourages you to look into the possibilities that the world offers. I have seen desperate poverty, amazing riches and experienced living (even briefly) in an entirely different world. Returning to NZ to embark on a new career path and lifestyle is going to take some adjustment.

Two things I learnt while I was away:

1. Having fun is a free activity and makes for great photos:

The Dong goes into the millions: it was nice to be a millionaire for two weeks :)

The Dong goes into the millions: it was nice to be a millionaire for two weeks 🙂

A sculpture

Being an egg next to an…. EGG

Tower of Pisa

Enjoying the Tower of Pisa

2. It’s the little things in big experiences that make your adventure special

Our lunch guests

Like meeting this beautiful kitten on our tour of the Mekong Delta

Peanut butter Toast

Or finding an awesome dessert restaurant without Trip Advisor and gorging on delicious peanut butter toast with maple syrup

Picture Perfect

Or finding that picture perfect moment.

Angry  Birds Chips

Or giggling at the fact you can buy Angry Bird Chips to eat

Red, green, big or small here there were chillies galore

Or discovering that Chilies, especially the little ones will burn the top of your mouth open.

Now I am home, where to take Ginga Musings?

Well, holidays/adventures are expensive so…. Craig and I will be starting our “eat at home and around the world challenge” next week, in the hopes of saving on the crazy expensive eating out in NZ.

I’ll be using some of my Thai cooking skills and Italian Olive Oil to create masterpieces and will post the results here!

So, stay tuned.

Ginga Musings, out.

4 thoughts on “Some things never change

  1. Perhaps you will be wanting some guests to try out your eat at home and around the world challenge??????
    Nau mai, hoki mai (welcome back) Looks like you had a great time. Martine

  2. Welcome back to Auckland. It’s cold and can be expensive to eat out. We tend to stick to BYO restaurants these days. It helps a lot.

    Your “eat at home and around the world challenge” sounds like a great addition to Our Growing Edge if you’re not already signed up somewhere else. If you do end up posting about new foods or recipes, please join us!

    More info here:

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