Taking a step back and springing forward

Courtesy of yetanotheraddiction12.tumblr.com

Now that it’s been a week since the challenge ended and my last blog post. it’s time to “take a step back” and find out what last month’s cooking challenge meant to me.

The biggest challenge really was finding the time for it. I decided to take on this challenge in sort of a transition time. I had just returned to being a full time student and had taken on not one, not two but three part time jobs as well. Don’t ask me what my thought process was, perhaps it was something similar  to the Rabbit who’s always late in Alice and Wonderland.

The first week was great fun, we were eating familiar food again after our three months overseas and it was easy to come up with the recipes and cook it. What I didn’t realise was the amount of effort it takes to style and photograph food to make it look appetising. If you look at my first few blog posts, the lighting was off and super yellow – but I learnt quickly to seek the aid of my apt lighting assistant, and full time husband Craig.

I was sick, had several birthdays and assignments and was working until 6.30 or 7pm most nights. Not exactly the ideal climate for creating dishes of amazingness. But I did it and I feel a huge sense of achievement.

It has been a true pleasure to post and be followed by people who enjoy cooking as much as I do. I have had several email conversations with Bunny Eats Design, which has been awesome and it’s lovely to find a community online who is supportive of innovation and making nommy food.

So What’s Next?

Hmmmm, well with September and spring just around the corner it might be time for a new challenge…

I have never been particularly amazing at baking, so September will be the month of all things baked!

I am going to try and post 2 recipes each week and decorate cupcakes in some beautiful way.

I’ve started making a collection of inspiration pieces on Pinterest, so if you are interested in finding out more, please follow by email or wordpress. And here’s to a sugary good September :).

– G.M

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  1. Wow, when you post them all up together it’s an impressive array of noms you’ve done this month. Well done! Food photos are a huge learning curve for me. I’ve found that day time photos are the best but unfortunately, this hardly ever happens as most of my cooking is done at night too.

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