Redberry Soup with yoghurt; 52 Weeks of Food

I am proud to claim my Danish Ancestery on my mother’s side. Having spent many years celebrating Danish Christmas in NZ, I was blown away when I not only spent Christmas in Denmark, but in over 1.25m of snow!

Copenhagen, Denmark 2010 at Carsted Rosenberg LLP.
Copenhagen, Denmark 2010 at Carsted Rosenberg LLP.

One of my favourite Danish desserts is called; Rødgrød Med Fløde, or Red berry stew with cream. This traditional Danish dish, is a simple dessert made of berries with a touch of added sugar and acidity (either in the form of lemon or balsamic vinegar). It can be served hot or cold and is seriously morish with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream or for the more decadent whipped cream.

Rødgrød Med Fløde

Main Image

Serves 6

750g of Frozen berries
1 cup of water
1/2 cup of sugar
1 tsp of balsamic vinegar

If cold:
3 tsp of gelatin
1/2 cup of boiling hot water


1. Empty the berries into a saucepan with the water, sugar and balsamic. Bring it to the boil.
Raw Ingredients2. Boil until all of the berries are beginning to fall apart and the mixture has reduced by about 1/4 of it’s size. Also ensure that the mixture is not too liquid. Take off the heat.

Here you can either serve it piping hot into bowls or follow the next steps to make it cold.

3. In a ceramic cup or mixing jug add 125ml of boiling hot water and whisk in the gelatin until it has dissolved.
4. Stir this into your berry mixture thoroughly.
5. Cool the mixture in the pan to room temperature.
6. Then decant it into a serving dish and refrigerate it to set (around 3 – 6 hours)
7. Serve with a scoop of Greek yoghurt, fresh cream or Vanilla Ice Cream.
Serving suggestion

Bon Appetit.

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