The aftermath – Munich Part 1

It was such a relief to arrive in Munich. The stress levels reduced from fire hot to smouldering within seconds of meeting our dear friends Andy and Steph at the airport.


After loading what we could into their Suzuki Swift, Craig and Andy set off for the train carrying our ski bag and 2 suitcases and the girls and I drove with Steph to Woerners, a traditional German cafe near to where we were staying in Sendling. We all arrived there around the same time after a very over tired Evie had a meltdown in the car, and ended her journey to the cafe with a 20 minute walk in the front pack in the snow. Thea and Steph arrived first and had an absolute ball discovering the fun of snow at a local playground.

Surprisingly many cafes we came across in Munich do not have barista coffee machines, instead more of a vend style, push a button cappuccino variety. The coffees aren’t bad, but they aren’t up to the NZ coffee standard like our favourite cafe Ruby Red back home. It also means that my soy decaf latte addiction is taking a serious hit.

We tucked into a traditional German breakfast of Weisswurst and Brezln (German white sausage and pretzel) with a couple of glasses of Apfelshorler (Apple juice and sparkling water), before the vertigo from the sleep deprivation struck.

After we’d filled our tummies we headed for our AirBnB which was a 4th floor apartment about 5 minutes drive away. We were lucky that our hosts had a self check-in and we could get in at 10.30am. For very tired parents this was a major win. The second major win was the German shutters that were installed on the windows. With a pull of a cord we had blackout.

Aunty Zo meets Evie

Once we’d gotten set up, we had a quick hug with my sister Zoe, who had bussed down from Berlin to greet us.

We got Evie and Thea to sleep, and then all napped until 3pm. It was a very hard task waking up our two girls – it took us about 45 minutes to get them up. Technically it was 3am in NZ so they were in deep slumber at this point. Zoe had to disappear for another night bus to Paris, so we sadly wished her farewell.

Andy and Steph brought us some groceries for dinner, which they had purchased the day before (as the shops are closed on Sundays in Germany.) Then we all packed on our winter jackets, gloves, hats, scarves, and snow boots and headed out for a walk down by the canal. It was a mild day for Munich – about 2 degrees (!)

Evie having cuddles with Andy and Steph

We were really pleased to discover that our apartment was only five minutes walk from the local bakery, and also a container cafe where we could purchase “real” barista coffees. It also happened to be a 10 minute walk from the Munich zoo, which we planned to visit later in the week.

A swarm of swans and gander of geese were out on the rocky foreshore being fed as we wandered down the snowy paths near the canal. It was obviously a popular time of the evening (about 4.30/5pm) for people to take a walk as we saw a LOT of parents out with their prams.

Thea was entranced by the snow, and insisted that we take her new skis with us to try out. Unfortunately by the time we found some suitable snow, she was pretty wasted and didn’t enjoy it very much. Needless to say she conked out in the pram straight after that. Craig had fun too, running and sliding down the icy hills with Andy. Evie knocked herself out again in the front pack while we were walking. As for myself, I just enjoyed the cool air and joy of being outside after spending so long cooped up in a plane.

So with both girls asleep and night setting in (at only about 5.30pm!), we headed back to our apartment for a quick dinner and bed by 7.15.

20190127_233856How did the night’s sleep go, you may wonder? Well, Thea woke up at 9.30pm asking for dinner, and then proceeded to serenade us with her songs until 11pm when we finally convinced her to go back to sleep. Then she woke again at 3am for more food and took another 1.5 hours to get back to sleep. Toothpicks were in short supply for tired parents’ eyes, so we tag-teamed getting her back to sleep. Evie woke twice for a breastfeed, but thankfully her wakeups timed in well with Thea’s.

We woke up the next day at 6.15am with Evie followed by Thea getting up at 7.15am. Not too bad really after the 27 hour ordeal we put them through, praise God.

What happened for the next few days?

Well that’s a story for another blog post.

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