Krapfen, Crap sleep and the Zoo – Munich Part 2


We were very excited to see a fresh dusting of snow on the rooftops when we woke up on Monday morning. The girls were both up early, so we popped on our warm gear and walked to the local bakery. Thea was extremely pleased to find a special kinder (kids) table there, where she enjoyed her chocolate krapfen (donut) and kinder-cappucino (fluffy).

We headed home so that Evie could have her first nap on the way and met Andy and Steph at our apartment. They hadn’t had breakfast yet, so we headed to the bakery and cafe near the canal for a morning coffee and a second breakfast of more krapfen (because why not?). Andy had to work and he headed for the train while we wandered down the walkway near the canal to a nearby snow covered playground.

20190128_105407Thea was desperate to try out her skis, so Craig helped her to strap them on and tried some of the snow near the playground. I can’t work out which was funnier, watching Thea try her skis for the first time or Craig running wide legged behind her pushing her along. It was a good laugh.

Evie enjoyed her morning snoozing and watching from the front pack.

We were all fairly tired by lunchtime so headed back to the apartment. After gently encouraging (aka forcing) Thea went down for her nap just after Evie. We all slumbered, missing both alarms that we had set for 3 and 3.30pm and only woke when Steph called us to find out if we were awake around 3.45pm. We had to wake both girls again, which was no easy feat. Then off to the supermarket we trodded to grab some food for dinner. Andy joined us and we had fun chatting and building cushion forts until Thea went to bed at 8pm.

Craig and I managed to stay up until 9pm before we went to bed. Unfortunately for us, it turned out that night 2 is the worst of all nights following a long haul flight.

Evie was up every 2 hours feeding and Thea woke up at 12.30am and we did not succeed getting her back to sleep until after 6 am, barring possibly a 1 hour nap. It was very difficult to keep our patience with her, especially when she insisted on eating more than 4 peanut butter and jam sandwiches and requesting water every 1/2 an hour.

Mercifully, we got both girls back to sleep around 6.30am and we all slept in until 8.30am. This put out our day somewhat, as we had planned to be at the zoo by 9am. But if there is anything I have learnt about being a parent of young children it is that flexibility is your best friend. Buoyed by some coffee, a magical fresh snow shower (much to everyone’s delight) and some more bakery delights, we headed for the zoo.

The Munich Zoo is definitely worth a visit. We all really enjoyed seeing all of the different types of animals.

The most surprising thing was the fact that both the Tiger and Rhinoceros were out in the cold and snow. We couldn’t believe it! Apparently they can survive in cold climates, who knew? The front pack was the winner again, as Evie napped her way through the day while we wandered around the zoo.

The sun was beaming down on us and keeping us warm as we wandered through the exhibits. My personal favourite was seeing the two resident polar bears snuggled up asleep as I wandered Evie around for her nap.

We headed home around 4pm with a very tired toddler and equally tired parents. I am pleased to say that we managed to wear Thea out and she slept all night until 5.20am on Wednesday.

Evie, on the other hand, chose to go through a teething cycle and was up every 2 hours again. Oh the joys of parenting on very little sleep.

Luckily the sunrise was worth getting up stupid early for.


On Wednesday we packed up the apartment, had a quick lunch at Woerners Cafe with Steph before hitting the road to drive to Bad Gastein, Austria.

More on that next time, auf weidersen Germany and Guten tag Austria!

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