The first road trip

Long car rides.

These were the thing I was looking forward to the least after the plane trip. Evie, our youngest from as early as 5 weeks would SCREAM and cry hysterically on any car ride longer than about 20 minutes. I figured it was probably reflux. Since we live in such a walk-able part of Auckland, we generally front pack her if we need to get anywhere within walking distance. Or we time our car rides just after she’s woken up.

With a 2.5 hour drive from Munich to Bad Gastein, we had no such choice.

We got in the car at about 1.30pm after our lunch with Steph and hit the road. After about 45 minutes of driving, Thea decided she needed to go to the toilet. We pulled into on of the rest stop/petrol stations that are dotted along major highways in Europe.

Image result for serways rest stop
Serways rest station – photo courtesy of Wikimedia

In Europe it’s normal to pay for the toilet, between 0.70 cents and 1 Euro depending on where you are. I’d forgotten this little fact, but was very pleased to discover that the parent’s room is exempt from this! There was even a small toilet for Thea to use as well as a change table and seat for breast feeding. They were all similar because we had to stop 3x in the space of half an hour for 3 different toilet visits for Thea and mini snack breast feeds for Miss distracted Evie.

Then we hit the 2.5 hour mark after Evie woke up, she started to yawn. Craig and I tuned in a chorus of Silent Night, our all time favourite baby settling song. This kept her calm until she decided she REALLY wanted her milk and NOW. Thankfully there was a petrol station within a kilometre of this point. Once fed, and changed, we hopped back in the car PRAYING she would finally drift off. Closer to the 3 hour mark, Evie really started fussing, Thea had her hands over her ears and I asked Craig to pull off the motorway. We took the next exit but couldn’t find anywhere to stop. Miraculously 5 minutes later, silence descended over the car as Evie finally fell asleep.

10 minutes after that Thea also succumbed to sleep after her 5am wake up. Parenting Win – go us!

We had a blissful 45 minutes in which both girls slept and we could chat freely.

After arriving in Bad Gastein to a very snowy and cold evening (about -6 degrees), we made our way through a maze of streets to our little apartment in the hills above the town.

We didn’t get to see the beautiful view from outside our apartment until the next day, but with the sun glistening the following morning it was a welcome surprise.


More about Bad Gastein to come.



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