Snowed in, in Krimml, Austria

On the road again, our next destination was Krimml, Austria.

Krimml is located within the Zillertal Arena, the largest ski area in Austria. There are over 26km of ski and snow board runs here. The journey from Zell am See was projected to take 55 minutes. OF COURSE we were operating on small children time so we multiplied that time by 3. We stopped at a Spar supermarket on our way for a nap for Evie, toilet stop and grocery shop.img_20190209_122418

Thea and Craig found a yellow elephant statue which we found out later was the mascot of the Zillertal area. A babbling brook ran near the car park and we filled our car to the absolute maximum with an extra 2 boxes of groceries.


We were very grateful to arrive at our accommodation after our GPS failed us again. It took us through a toll road (ka-ching 9.90 EURO!) and then we found out we didn’t need to go through it.

Finally we abandoned the phone and used our car’s GPS which did a much better job of finding Hoch Krimml, where we were staying.

Finally out of the car we were very grateful to see Andy and Steph.



They had also started to spade out the car park space, little did we know the equivalent of a snow leaf blower was about to arrive to clear our car park space. Thea watched enthralled (and so did we) whilst they sprayed buckets of snow below our balcony to make a pile about 1.5m high.

We enjoyed a quick trip up to see where the ski fields were after we settled in, before we had a quick dinner and the kids hit the hay. On a practical note, there was no wifi and no washing machine. With 2 small children the lack of washing machine over the past two weeks has been a bit of a trial to say the least… I am now very good at handwashing! We are also very good at making spaces in our accommodation to find drying rooms for our washing.



Discussions ensued about what the plan was for the following morning. There hadn’t been fresh snow for a wee while here, so it was decided that the boys would hire their snow boards in the morning and take off for the day of snowboarding.

While they were at the slopes, I took Thea up to the slope near our house to try out her skis. It wasn’t super successful. Steph joined us later with Evie in the front pack, but walked to the other beginner’s area that was further down the road.


Steph and Evie go for an adventure

We eventually met up and tried to get to the other slope, but Miss Thea was pretty exhausted. She had to be carried home, and she is heavy !

Then we saw a little person riding a plastic slider and Thea was desperate to try one out. We decided this would be a good activity to pursue this week, especially as the mini-club here only runs for a full day and for 4 year olds +. The intersport shop had the sliders for a princely 5 euro, and an adult round slider for 10 euro. We purchased one of each and Steph and Thea took them straight out to try them out.

They had so much fun! Much squealing was had by both of them.

We met the boys for lunch at the local restaurant at Duxelram and had some burgers and chips before the guys headed back up the slopes.

Snow was forecast for the following two days but we didn’t quite expect it to be as heavy as it was. It ended up snowing for close to 2 full days and dropped about a metre of fresh powder (if not more) on the slopes. Monday morning dawned with a coating of snow on and around our cars. It was decided that I should go and practise my skiing at the beginner’s slopes while the boys took the kids to the local SPAR for more supplies. I was blissfully unaware as I practised my turns that the boys had had to dig out our car and then got stuck driving up the hill near our house. It was pretty cold and icy with snow flying in my face and drenching my hair. I was due home to settle and feed Evie for her midday nap at 11.30am.

I was very surprised as I walked home to see Craig and Andy running and carrying backpacks down the road. I arrived home and found out the whole story, the boys went to catch the local ski bus to Königsleiten (the next town down the road from us) to go shopping. The girls chilled at home, napped and then we decided we needed some fresh air.

Our car on Monday morning when the boys tried to get it out

Luckily for us, our balcony was covered in a mound of snow. Thea, Steph and I had great fun making snow balls and throwing them off the balcony. It got even better when the boys arrived home and a snow ball fight ensued.

Later that afternoon it was decided that we needed another adult sized slider so that Andy and Craig could race with Thea down the ski run after the lifts had stopped. So we ventured out for a walk in the snow to the local intersport again while Evie napped supervised by Andy and Steph.


Andy, Craig and Thea went out for a slide run while Steph, Evie and I made some dinner and relaxed in the warm.

Tuesday was by far the best day to be on the slopes, so Andy and Craig headed off nice and early to get the best of the day. In Craig’s words, it was the best powder he had since he was in Japan in early 2010.


While the boys buried themselves in powder, Thea and I ventured out in the very cold snow for a walk. By walk I actually meant that I walked and Thea slid. The boys had purchased a coil of washing line so that we could drag the slider behind us. It made the walk a lot more pleasurable for everyone involved. We also enjoyed being totally covered in flakes of new snow.

That evening the boys took Thea out sledding while I practised my skiing and Steph and Evie chilled at home.

It was pretty fun being snowed in for two days but we were grateful that the forecast was for clear skies on Wednesday.

More on that in the next post.

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