Clear days and cold brews in Krimml

The day had dawned clear and sunny, and this meant no more snow for us.

As there was no more snow forecast it meant that the boys could dig our car out. Better still, they were able to get it up the hill by our house. The plan was made for the girls to take the gondola up at Gerlos to meet the snowboarders for lunch at the restaurant at the top of the gondola. We also took Thea’s skis with us so that she could have a go on the beginner’s slope up the mountain too.

On the Gondola up to the summit

The views were delightful from the top. It certainly made it more pleasurable to settle Evie for her nap in the front pack when I could wander around with a view of the Alps.

The boys had been sidetracked on their morning of snowboarding by Craig leaving his goggles on a chair lift. They decided to snow board back to the bottom to get them, but on the way they found a pub with the best views they had seen.

Of course a beer and pretzel was in order each before they actually went to find the goggles. Check out the view:

Thea enjoyed practicing her skiing. This field was a particularly good one for her as it had a conveyor belt for her to ride up when she finished her skiing down. Craig and Andy were particularly happy to be able to demonstrate their snowboarding to Thea.


She was very impressed and told us in the car that she prefers snowboarding to skiing. But her favourite part of the day though was when Andy and Craig took her out sledding at the end of the day. I also took the opportunity to practise my skiing for an hour or so.

Then while the rest of the crew were cooking dinner I was sent to the local pub to blog. I decided it was time for some apres ski at home with some cocktails and cocktails made by yours truly. They were pretty scrummy.


Thursday was Valentine’s Day so Andy and Steph headed out together to try some cross country skiing. The four of us headed up to the slopes after Evie’s first nap ostensibly for me to practice my skiing and for Thea to practice at the same time. It was a disaster, the past two days there had been a significant amount of powdery snow on the top of the ski runs. This meant that I had been able to go relatively slowly down the hill making turns. I climbed the highest I ever had up the run to a very steep part and then proceeded to fall over and clip out then try again the whole way down. I don’t know what happened but I felt extremely disheartened and went home in tears of frustration. Being up with Thea in the night for 2 hours probably hadn’t helped either.

Andy and Steph came home in the early afternoon and offered to let Craig and I try the cross country skis. To be honest I wasn’t at all keen to try going on skis again after my disastrous morning. But I put on my big girl pants and my growth mindset with a bit of encouragement from the crew and got on the cross country skis. Firstly the shoes are WAY more comfy to wear than our actual ski boots. Next, essentially you follow pre-made tracks on a special langlaufen (cross-country skiing) route. It was terrifying. Unlike normal skiing where you can pizza wedge to stop, on langlaufen you just have to trust that at some point the downhill will end and the skis will stop. I have never been faster on skis than I did then. I only fell over once, and the experience made me want to try my skis, which I could control, that afternoon.

Once again the boys went sliding with Thea while I tried my skiing again. Craig had said that by the end of a sunny day the slopes would likely be more slushy and therefore less slippery. I am pleased to report that, despite my terrible morning I got back into the swing of things. I managed to make most of my turns without falling over and could also stop. It helped not going up and starting at the steepest point in the slope. Lesson learned.

After another yummy dessert of apfel strudel at home (only 1.49 euros at the local SPAR), we decided that Craig and Andy would enjoy another day of snowboarding on Friday. Steph and I would bring the girls over to Märchenwald (translated this means fairy forest) in königsleiten to meet them for lunch.

Andy and Craig headed out just after 9am while Evie napped. We made some wraps at home, filled 2 thermos with coffee (decaf and regular) and headed out. When we arrived it was well past 12pm and we realised that our picnic lunch was possibly not going to be too successful as there were no tables and only cold snow.

We ended up at the Hotel Königsleiter for pommes (chips) and an apfel saft at a table in the sunshine. Technically we weren’t supposed to eat our own food there, but we surreptitiously consumed our wraps and some coffee.


Thea had great fun building a big snow man with Uncle Andy and Daddy. This was after she was tearfully carried up the hill because the rope tow in the kids area can only be used by kids over age 6. Craig was absolutely livid at the man who did not even explain that Thea could use it if Craig was wearing skis or a snowboard (which he hadn’t at the time). Not a nice experience when we’d chosen that ski field because it was meant for kids.

Anyway after lunch, Craig took Thea down for a few runs on her skis down the hill and walked her back up. Thea even went without being held onto!!!!!

Then of course Craig popped her on his snowboard down the hill too, so she could experience the thrill of boarding down the mountain.


We got home around 3pm and managed to get back out to meet the boys who’d snowboarded down with their shoes.




They returned their boards to the shop before taking Thea sliding. Steph walked Evie to sleep in the front pack while I sat in the restaurant and blogged.


Panorama from the snowboard run

They returned their boards to the shop before taking Thea sliding. Steph walked Evie to sleep in the front pack while I sat in the restaurant and blogged.

Blogging at the bar

They all joined me for a drink which turned into chicken nuggets and chips plus some drinks.

Aunty Steph and Evie enjoy the warm bar

A fitting end to our ski holiday in Hoch Krimml.

We’re off to Italy tomorrow for a change in climate and a change in language.

Tschüss Austria and Buongiourno Italia!

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  1. Nana XXXXX says:

    You certainly sound as though you are enjoying every minute when you are on the slopes. And I am enjoying you blogs Georgie. Thank you for sending them to me. It almost seems as though I am with you all, cooling off , a pleasant change from our heat!
    Lots of love and hugs to you all. XXXXXXX

    1. Georgi de S says:

      Thank you Nana, it certainly has been cold so far! I am glad you are enjoying the blogs, wish you were here with us to cool off a bit xxx

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