E-Learning Tools


This is my wikispace. I was first introduced to wikispaces through a course I did with Jaqui Sharp (Twitter: @sharpejaqui). I found that the simple to use layout and formatting of the site, makes it easy to add content (including widgets, docs, links) and my students found it so easy to use. It was a great way to have all of my resources in one place and certainly made the vast expanse of the internet a lot more manageable in the classroom. Check it out: http://spslove2learn.wikispaces.com/ 


Scoop-it is a great way to bookmark sites. I used it to find articles and resources for my students and then create a widget slideshow that can be embedded into a blog/wiki/wordpress etc. In this blog post: http://sps-t-gclearningstory.blogspot.co.nz/2012/05/ict-bookmarking-websites-for-educators.html, I discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Pinterest, Scoop.it and Delicious.com. If you’d like to see my Scoop.it profile please click here: http://www.scoop.it/u/georgi-crook#curatedTopicsTabSelected 

Mentor Mob: Education Playlists

Another excellent resource for organising units of work or student learning is Mentor Mob. This is a fairly new website that I found via Twitter last year. But since then, it has been a great asset to my E-Learning Toolkit. Mentor Mob allows you to organise a playlist of learning, you can add forms (Via Google forms) and websites, as well as creating your own quizzes. It is a great way to track students’ progress and scaffold their learning. I used Mentor Mob quite avidly with my students last year – check out my profile to see the potential of this resource: http://www.mentormob.com/people/profile/georgi-de-stigter-8781.

Keep Checking Back on this page as I will update it regularly with new resources.

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