Top travel tips for travelling with tots on Planes

It’s time for us to share our top travel tips after our 9 week adventure. First of all remember to breath, your flight will end and you’ll all survive.

Homeward Bound

It was finally the day we were heading home, and after 9 and a half weeks of travelling, we were ready to go. With military precision, we got our luggage and children to Heathrow Aiport by 7.50am. Craig took back our rental car to the Europcar off-site and caught the shuttle bus back (eventually). Now…

Long road to London

It was 17 hours from one bed to another on our trip from Copenhagen to London.

Darling Denmark: Zoos, family and bubbles

After a quiet night in, especially with both the girls in bedrooms, the next morning we had news that my cousin, Berit who we were to see that afternoon was in hospital. So we had to rethink our day plans. After a quick maps search we found the zoo was 40mins walk away so off…

More planes and long travel days!

Our flight was at 2.45pm in the afternoon to Munich, we figured we had some time for a final walk along the Riva, coffee and gelato. Of course by the time we actually finished all that we were cutting it pretty close for checking into our flight on time. We arrived at the airport by…